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NDIS Services

Rehab in the home

Focus IPM is a registered NDIS provider, accredited exercise physiologist and occupational therapist supporting people with disabilities in the Goulburn Valley,, Loddon and the Riverina. Our mobile clinic is dedicated to providing evidence bases practices, achieving your personal goals and developing your physical capacity to create more independence allowing you to participate in social and community events. 


What Focus IPM offers

Focus IPM provides quality rehab in the home services, which assists people suffering from pain and disability. The rehab in the home offers the following services:

  • Initial assessment – reviewing objective functional movements, establishing goals and providing evidence based recommendations to improve your health outcomes. 

  • NDIS reports for assistive technology.

  • Biomechanics Assessment and retraining for people suffering neurological, orthopaedic and muscular disorders. 

  • Strength and conditioning of gait and functional tasks to ensure better outcomes for daily living activities.

  • Hydrotherapy - which can be arranged at a local hydrotherapy pool. \

  • Occupational Therapy - Mobile service 


NDIS Funding

Focus IPM can assist in providing services through different funding categories:

  • Improving health and wellbeing.

  • Improved daily living. 

  • Capacity building – Exercise Physio / PT.

  • Core support.

Arranging an initial assessment 

To discuss and confirm your suitability for services, you have two options: 

  1. If you would like more information before arranging your service agreement, contact Leigh Owen, our senior Exercise Physiologist) 

  2. If you don't need to discuss , please complete the contact us section below and a senior member of our team will contact you. . 

Focus IPM Services

The team at Focus IPM can offer a range of support in assessing your needs, building your functional capacity and develop your movement patterns to achieve your goals and create independence. Focus area that our team can assist in; 

  • Neurological disorders (Multiple Sclerosis / Parkinson’s Disease / Lumbar Disc Disease/ Stroke / ABI/ Cerebral Palsy/Spinal Cord Injuries)

  • Cardiovascular and metabolic rehabilitation (Diabetes/POTS)

  • Intellectual disabilities 

  • Biomechanics and movement analysis to improve gait and activities of daily living;

  • Falls prevention and developing strategies to enhance mobility in the home.

  • Working with children suffering from Prader-Willie Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Autism, and orthopaedic injuries to developing tone, strength, and gait (Biomechanics)

  • Occupational Therapy Assessments, education, and recommendations for modifications such as ramps, steps, and rails

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